Biography Oliver Grün, PhD.

DPhil Oliver Grün is founder and CEO of GRÜN Software Group GmbH as well as president of the Federal Association IT-Mittelstand eV

DPhil Oliver Grün, Born in 1969, lives in Belgium near Aachen, is married and has three children, is the founder and majority shareholder of GRÜN Software Group GmbH as well as president of the Federal Association IT-Mittelstand eV and President of the IT-Mittelstand-Europaverband European DIGITAL SME Alliance, Since 2013 he is also in the Advisory Council of the Federal Government Appointed “Young Digital Economy”. who advises the Federal Ministry of Economics on issues relating to the digital economy.

In his scientific career based on the principle of lifelong learning, Grün first completed his studies in engineering in 2001, then did a double doctorate in the field of business informatics and is the author of several publications over the years.

The family man, who now lives in Belgium, founded his software house in 1989, which now employs around 300 people at seven locations in different companies. Grün is also a co-founder of the non-profit operator of the donation platform, now Germany's largest donation portal on the Internet. In addition to the family, his greatest interest is sailing.

2017 - today member of Advisory Council Digital Economy of the NRW State Government
2017 - today Chairman of the Board of the digitalHUB Aachen eV
2015 - today President of European DIGITAL SME Alliance, the European Association of IT SMEs in Brussels
2013 - today member of Advisory Council of the Federal Government "Young Digital Economy"
2011 - today Managing Partner of GREEN Services Group GmbH
2010 - today President and CEO of the Federal Association IT-Mittelstand eV (BITMi), Aachen / Berlin
2009 - today Co-founder and Advisory Board member of gAG, Berlin, operator of the donation platform
2007 - today Co-Managing Director in subsidiaries of GRÜN Software Group GmbH:

2000 - today Founder, majority shareholder and CEO of the GRÜN Software Group GmbH (formerly GRÜN Software AG), Aachen
2008 – 2013 Second Promotion, Comenius University, Bratislava; Focus: business informatics, dissertation topic: requirements management & knowledge-based model for software implementation; PhD supervisor Assoc. Prof Michal Gregus, PhD; Doctoral examination 2013, title Doctor of Philosophy in Economics (PhD.) with entitlement to teach
2005 Award at the IT Innovation Award, Hanover; Category knowledge management for knowledge-based model for software implementation
2004 – 2005 Promotion, Comenius University, Bratislava, Major: Business Informatics, Thesis topic: Knowledge-based model for software implementation; Doctoral Assistant Assoc. Prof. Michal Gregus, PhD., Doctoral Exam 2005, Doctor of Philosophy in Economics
2004 – 2007 Founder and head of the sole proprietorship GRÜN Business Services Slovakia, Bratislava; Second home in Bratislava, Slovakia
1995 Awarded the European Software Marketing Award, Hannover
1993 – 2000 Founder and Managing Director of GRÜN Software GmbH, Aachen
1990 – 2001 Education, RWTH University, Aachen; Main focus: civil engineering, structural engineering Diploma examination 2001, diploma in engineering
2019 - today Member of the steering committee of the initiative IT security in the economy of the BMWi
2017 - today Platform member “Digital economy and digital work” at the federal government's digital summit, Berlin
2017 - today Member of the Governing Board of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition of the European Commission, Brussels
2016 - today member of Economic Forum of the FDP as a party independent expert
2016 - today Member of the Managing Board of the European Cyber ​​Security Organization (ECSO), Brussels
2016 - today member of Advisory Board for Economy of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) the Society for Computer Science, Bonn
2015 - today member of Senate of the German Industrial Research Association Konrad Zuse eV
2014 - today member of Federal Economic Senate of the Federal Association of Small Business, Berlin
2008 - today Jury member of the IT Innovation Award the Initiative Mittelstand
2016 – 2017 Jury member for the announcement of the "German Internet Institute " for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Berlin
2014 – 2015 member of CDU commission "Work of the future - future of work", CDU Germany, Berlin, as a party independent expert
2014 Jury member "Germany's digital heads“Of the GI on the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education, Berlin
2012 – 2015 Full member of the working group 1 on IT Summit, Federal Ministry of Economics, Berlin
2011 – 2014 Appraiser for the sponsorship competition usability in small and medium-sized enterprises within the framework of the Initiative Mittelstand Digital, Federal Ministry of Economics, Berlin
2011 – 2015 Member of the Supervisory Board of SOPTIM AG, Software Company, Aachen / Essen
2005 – 2010 Member of the Audit Committee of the IHK Aachen to IT-Professionals Training, Aachen

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