IT medium-sized companies strengthen digital sovereignty

Newspaper: com! professional
Issuance:  05 / 2021
ISSN: 2199-6601

Innovation needs impetus

Newspaper: Supplement in the Handelsblatt
Issuance:  July 2018

Digitalization in the middle class

Newspaper: The middle class
Issuance:  June 2018 (p. 66-67)

DSGVO: The advantages outweigh

Newspaper: Supplement in the business week
Issuance:  June 2018 (p. 14)

DSGVO: We no longer shape the future with fear

Newspaper: Aachen news / Aachen newspaper
Issuance:  May 201 (p. 7)

Courage for Change - Opportunities and Challenges of Digitalization

Newspaper: Wirtschaftswoche
Issuance:  April 2018 (Supplement, p. 18)

More use for the middle class

Newspaper: Wirtschaftswoche
Issuance:  December 2017 (Supplement, p. 10)

Strengthen Digital Location Germany

Newspaper: Wirtschaftswoche
Issuance:  November 2017 (Supplement, p. 20)

Germany is in a state of digital emergency

Newspaper: Market & technology
Issuance:  September 2017 (p. 10)

Risk management is taking away the fear of digitization

Newspaper: Wirtschaftswoche
Issuance:  September 2017 (Supplement, p. 26)

Security as an investment - opportunities benefit

Newspaper: Berlin Valley
Issuance:  March 2017 (p. 34)

"Let's better use non-personal data"

Newspaper: Creditreform
Issuance:  March 2017 (p. 49)

Digital future

Newspaper:  Wirtschaftswoche
Issuance:  December 2016 (Supplement, p. 14)

The middle class is breaking new ground

Newspaper: Berlin Valley
Issuance:  December 2016 (p. 31)

"Consistently mobile - even in the workplace"

Newspaper: Creditreform
Issuance:  December 2016 (p. 53)

The cloud as a key technology of digitization

Newspaper: Creditreform
Issuance:  May 2016 (p. 49)

Digital change as an opportunity and challenge for the German economy

Newspaper: bku journal
Issuance:  No. 102 April 2016

Information Technology Contribution to the Energiewende

Newspaper: Reuters
Issuance:  December 2015 (Supplement, p. 12)

"National laws harm digital Europe"

Newspaper: Creditreform
Issuance:  December 2015 (p. 52)

German middle class paralyzed for fear of the cloud

Newspaper: Creditreform
Issuance:  June 2015 (p. 49)

Challenges of the mobile society

Newspaper: Capital
Issuance:  April 2015 (Supplement, S.16)

Concept for the formation of an IT SME center

Newspaper: BITMi strategy paper
Issuance:  December 2014

The train has not left yet

Newspaper: Creditreform (Corp. Corporate Publishing Services GmbH)
Issuance:  Vol.11 / 2014, p. 50

Key Growth - Investment in IT Infrastructure

Newspaper: Entrepreneur Magazine (Unternehmer Medien GmbH)
Issuance:  Vol.3-4 / 2014, p. 20f
ISSN: 022-6416

Sepa, Mittelstand and banks - who overslept?

Newspaper: bank and market (publishers Fritz Knapp GmbH and Helmut Richardi GmbH)
Issuance:  Vol.4 / 2014, p. 35f
ISSN: 1433-5204

The NSA Chance: Blast for economic counterattack

Newspaper: Creditreform (Corp. Corporate Publishing Services GmbH)
Issuance:  Vol.6 / 2014, p. 41

Who is afraid of the cloud?

Newspaper: E-3 magazine
Issuance:  October 2013

Quo vadis IT-Mittelstand?

Newspaper: E-3 Magazine (Publisher
Issuance: Vol. 9 / 2012, pp. 12-13

Basel III places a burden on lending to IT SMEs

Newspaper: Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin Maximal (publisher Der Tagesspiegel)
Issuance: Vol. 9 / 2012, p. 61

Against the IT skills shortage

Newspaper: IT-Mittelstand (Medienhaus Verlag)
Issuance: Vol. 9 / 2012, p. 18

IT SMEs have potential as global players

Newspaper: Handelsblatt (Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt)
ISSN: 0017-7296
Issuance: 18.04.2012

Trends in the ERP discussion

Newspaper: IT Leaderboard Yearbook 2011 / 2012 (Huber Verlag)
ISBN: 978-3000350177
Issuance: July 2011

Digital trends 2023

Newspaper: Association report
Issuance: 01/2023, pp. 63-66
ISSN: 0720-9363

Data economy needs an open market

Newspaper: Bär / Grädler / Mayr (ed.): Digitization in the field of tension between politics, economics, science and law (as eBook available from Springer)
Issuance: Springer Verlag 2018
ISBN: 978-3-662-55720-4

Requirements Management as a Competitive Factor in the IT Mid Tier Business Concerning the Implementation of ERP Software

Newspaper: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Journal
Issuance: Vol. 59 / 2011, pp. 1868-1871
ISSN: 2010-376X

Introduce ERP software - avoid knowledge loss

Newspaper: knowledge management
ISSN: 1438-4426
Issuance: Vol. 6 / 2011, pp. 38-39

Models for Implementation of Standard Business Software: Status Quo and Future Challenges

Newspaper: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference of the Society for Business & Economic Development
ISBN: 978-0-9797659-8-8
Issuance: May 2009, pp. 1143-1150

Requirements Management as a Competitive Factor in the IT Mid Tier Business Concerning the Implementation of ERP Software

Subject: International Conference on Knowledge and Software Engineering ICKSE 2011
Date and location: Nov 28-30, 2011, Venice, Italy

Models for Implementation of Standard Business Software: Status Quo and Future Challenges

Subject: 11th International Conference on Global Business and Economic Development (SGBED): striving for competitive advantage and sustainability: new challenges of globalization
Date and location: May 27-29, 2009, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

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